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AVENUE Q (as Christmas Eve)

"Director Danny Weathers....has done an exemplary job at assembling actors who not only dazzle with vocals and timing {including Lora Nicolas}, but master puppetry as well...Avenue Q masters being bizarre, funny and wonderful at the same time. With impeccable acting, direction, music and set design, Waterfront Playhouse has yet again brought Broadway to Key West..."


           -- Hays Blinckman, "Smart, Sassy and Supremely Clever" on Keys Weekly

"Flawless directing...make(s) this production a timely piece of feel-good theater that's long on laughs and short on tragedy."


          -- Terry Schmida, Theater Review on Konk Life

MISS SAIGON (as Kim) - Midtown Arts Center

*BroadwayWorld Denver Awards:

Best Actress Winner

Best Colorado Debut Nominee


"Tears flowed freely as the talented cast lead the audience through this story of incredible love and overwhelming loss. Lora Nicolas as Kim, a young Vietnamese girl...head the flawless cast. I would be hard-pressed to find three leading players with more exciting voices than Nicolas, {Paranada and Huckle}."


                 --Tom Jones, Head Critic at 


"The Midtown Arts Center‘s performance of this tragic story featured talented artists that kept me mesmerized throughout the whole performance, [including Lora Nicolas, who played Kim]...The lead actors and actresses were very talented singers."


                 --Alison LeCain,


Theater Patron Reviews Online: 


"I saw this show and it has been the best show I have ever seen. I highly recommend seeing it if you have the chance." 

                 --Carolyn M., Facebook


"Miss Saigon was absolutely stunning! The principals have astounding voices and serious acting chops. Each bring to the stage an understanding that theatre is storytelling, and they lend their absolutely incredible voices and acting to this important story." 

                 --Vicky W., Facebook


"I have been to theaters all over the world, and this show {Miss Saigon} impressed me! I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack."

                 --Mike N., TripAdvisor


"The cast and crew in this show are insanely talented. The leads are phenomenal and the ensemble complemented them perfectly."

                 --Rebecca M., Facebook

LITTLE WOMEN (as Meg March)

*Winner of 5 Gawad Buhay Awards (Philippines) including: 

Outstanding Musical Production

Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Musical


“While she (Nicolas) had considerable musical theater exposure abroad, Little Women was her first appearance on a Philippine stage, and she captivated with her lovely voice and regal bearing.”


           --Gibbs Cadiz, Theater 2010: Fresh Faces and (Re) 


“…the director seemed to have very gently steered the musical into more nuanced, actorly territory. At best, Lauchengco-Yulo’s decades-long musical-theater training found ample reflection in the fulsome, meticulous performances she managed to extract from her nearly flawless cast. The five women especially--Borromeo (Jo), Barredo (Beth), Lora Nicolas as the beautiful Meg, Kelly Lati as the flighty Amy, and Pinky Marquez as the girls’ mother, Marmee--were ideally cast.”


            --Gibbs Cadiz, Philippine Daily Inquirer


“Meg, the eldest, is played by gifted actress Lora Nicolas, another actress who, God willing, we will see in more future musicals and plays.”


              --Juan Antonio Lanuza, Business World Online


“The rest of the actors Kelly Lati (Amy), Lora Nicolas (Meg)…provided strong supporting performances.”


            --Oliver Oliveros,


“...(His vocals stay true to the character instead of over-dramatizing the role, which allows you to see Charlie Brown in the flesh, as opposed to just a talented singer.) Lora Nicolas similarly thrives as one crabby Lucy. Her notable hairdo and realistic costume round out a character that commands full audience attention. I often felt compelled to respond to her demands verbally during the show, and I admit, I jumped a few times when she sashayed about the room as the ‘head queen’…Scenes between Linus (played by Cameron Perry) and Nicolas are particularly effective…”


               --J.A. Babay, The Express


“Lora Nicolas makes Lucy nicely crabby…”


               --Jack Felix, Williamsport Sun Gazette


“The best thing about this show though is the casting. (Have I mentioned what a talented group is hanging out at Millbrook this summer?)…After the show, Lora Nicolas assured me that she really was not actually as crabby in person as Lucy. She was definitely convincing on stage.”


              --Pat Park,

RENT (as Joanne Jefferson)

"Lora Nicolas (Joanne) excelled in her duets with Wasser (Maureen) and David E. Shane (who played a likeable Mark)."


             --Leah Stacy, Rochester City Newspaper

MISS SAIGON (as Kim) - Count Basie Theatre

“The cast includes many Asians who excel in principal and supporting roles...A two-minute transition from strangers to lovers doesn’t always compute, but Nicolas’ beaming smile and Harper’s adoring gaze, their beautifully sung romantic duets and a couple of rapturous embraces convinced me.”


        --Philip Dorian, Two River Times

"Lora has won praise from many for her role. Andrea Zawadzky, producer and a member of the board of trustees of Phoenix Productions says, "From the moment Lora Nicolas sang for us in New York to the callback in New Jersey she gave me chills. I remember just holding my breath as she sung each note, hoping that each note would be not only perfect but made you feel. For me, she accomplished this on her very first audition.”

       --Carissa Villacorta, Asian Journal

"Grausam continues, "Lora, aside from her amazing voice, had an authentic honesty and delivered both Kim's sweetness and strength. Throughout the process Lora has been more than amazing to work with. Her dedication to the music, coupled with her intensive work on the story has helped us create a very personal, emotional work that will take the audience on a journey.  She came to the production with more than a little love for the show, but in the end she has worked hard to really understand Kim and that has made all the difference. It's so much more than a beautiful score, it's the story of a young woman caught in terrible circumstances - and Lora's gorgeous voice coupled with her deep understanding of the story and impassioned delivery will knock the audience out of their seats.”


        --Carissa Villacorta, Philippine News


*Original Cast, Off Broadway Alliance Award Winner for Best Family Musical


“Under Tim Drucker’s direction, the talented young actors easily rediscover their elementary school selves.”


       --Laurel Graeber, The New York Times



“The strong musical numbers are helped by a cast that can handle them. Vital (Theater) has assembled a good group of singers, but also actors who perform this material without the caricature. That’s a real skill in children’s theatre, and one you don’t see enough. If how quickly the “autograph line” formed after curtain is any indication, I’d say StinkyKids the Musical is the type of play lots of different kids will enjoy. Mine did, and, happily, me too.” 


      --Matt Roberson, 



"The cast is adorable, talented and the direction keeps the show flowing."


      --Suzanna Bowling, Time Square Chronicles



      --NY Parent Magazine

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